Many people consider their bathrooms to be a personal sanctuary and consider it a place where they can relax after a long stressful day. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, here’s a list of the trends for 2018:

1. Smaller Bathrooms

Although a lot of homeowners dream of enormous bathrooms, 2018’s trend will lean towards the smaller one. 2018’s bathroom design will focus on efficiency and small-scale luxury. The secret to doing this is making use of the available space effectively. Every inch of the bathroom space must be put to good use. Freestanding smaller tubs will get popular. Toilets and sinks will be smaller but will focus on unique aesthetics.

2. Toilets Go High-Tech

Japan has been the leader in high-tech toilets for years. But in 2018, homeowners are starting to be more and more interested in making their toilets high-tech. These toilet features include seat warmers, automatic lid opener and deodorisers. Another feature that you might not know of is the wireless music player that turns on when the toilet lid is opened. Some of the innovations for this year that you can expect are smart showers, small fridge in bathroom cabinets and sophisticated faucets.

3. Brass & Gold Tone Fixtures are Making a Comeback

Remember that brass faucet in your grandparent’s bathroom? That fixture will be making its comeback. However, it’s more of a warm tone gold plumbing fixture that can be complemented with cooler grey colours. Warmer tones are all the rage for this year since these fixtures can serve as the main accent pieces of the bathroom and can look great in a variety of style settings.

4. Vanity Lighting

Generally, a bathroom’s vanity area consists of a cabinet, countertop, faucet and most especially, mirrors. However, we rarely think about the lighting inside the bathroom. This 2018, bathroom design will focus on lighting schemes to highlight the space. Homeowners will start using lighting techniques and fixtures to create a luxurious and relaxing ambience.

5. Neutral Styles With Organic Undertones

One of the most popular trends right now is neutral decors also known as Griege. This 2018, Griege will still be loved by people but will be infused with a few organic undertones. Expect to see more colours of nature such as different shades of green, blue and brown. It is also a good idea to incorporate the outdoors into the design by decorating using flowers, plants and grass. As for materials you may use those related to nature such as wood and natural stone.

6. Heating Systems

Say goodbye to cold tiles while walking on the bathroom floor. An underfloor heating system can be a good investment if you want to maintain a comfortable temperature while in the bathroom. This also provides a lot of benefits, such as reducing noise levels and preventing allergic reactions since no air currents are disturbing the dust.

7. Unique Tile Shapes

With the level of technology available it is now possible for manufacturers to design unique tile shapes. These unique tiles will not be limited to just the floors as they can also be used as bathroom backsplashes and shower walls.

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