No matter how much you want your bathroom to be grand, it can’t be helped if a home doesn’t have the needed space for a luxurious one. However, you can still make the most out of your small bathroom with the help of these 7 tips.

1. Look at your needs.

Even though you don’t have a spacious bathroom, it should still provide you the necessities. Consider the basics, such as lighting and storage, and avoid purchasing grandiose items like bathtubs that may take up too much space but will be rarely used.

2. Plan it out.

Once you figure out what you need, you can start planning the structure of the bathroom. Use graph paper to sketch the dimensions of the space (use a 10:1 ratio). Don’t forget to mark out spots for heating, ventilation, lighting and storage space. This way, you have a clear plan that you can consult constantly once the renovation process starts.

3. Only keep the essentials.

Don’t waste the space for anything bulky, as they would only take up much needed space. Here are some things you can do:

  • Consider putting the storage under the sink.
  • Have everything in one place. This way, everything you need can be easily accessed and obtained.
  • Install a floor to ceiling shelf for your toiletries. Make sure that it is strategically placed in your bathroom and won’t get in the way.
  • Use smaller fixtures.

4. Use a mirror trick.

It’s a widely-known fact that mirrors can enlarge small spaces by creating an optical illusion. Not only is it functional, but will also make your bathroom look bigger.

5. Let there be light.

Good lighting can help enlarge your bathroom. Most people only put one bulb in the bathroom which doesn’t always illuminate the whole space. Additionally, the dimness makes the area look more constricted and smaller.

It is better to have multiple sources of lighting that can make your bathroom brightly lit. Put two bulbs in each side of the mirror above the sink. You can go as far as putting a roof light or high internal window for some natural lighting, without compromising the privacy of the bathroom.

6. Use neutral colour schemes.

Choose clean colours for your bathroom. The classic choice is white, however, it doesn’t need to be just a monotonous shade. Marble and different shades of white can liven up the space. You can also use cool hues such as mint and light blue for a pop of colour.

A word to the wise: create a talking point by incorporating a patterned wall and hanging colourful towels. These conspicuous features give a lively vibe without being constricting.

7. Utilise items with multiple functionalities.

Purchasing furniture that provide multiple uses not only saves you space but also gives a contemporary vibe.

8. Install open, built-in shelves.

Having these shelves into the wall frees up walk areas and increases negative space. Cabinets that are recessed make the wall look neat as opposed to shelves that are protruding. Even if your cabinets are small, 4 inches can still make a big difference in making an area more cramped and stuffy.

9. Consider using a wall hung vanity or toilet

Seeing the floor under the vanity or toilet creates the illusion of space that can make the bathroom look bigger.

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